I’m Kelly Stewart and I’m a lifestyle photographer based in Charlotte, NC. As a wife, I truly believe in marriage and what it means to commit yourself to another person. I understand the connection that two people share when they are in love and it is my passion to document that love through photography.

Sharing and supporting this passion is my business partner, second shooter, and husband, Mark. We absolutely love taking pictures and our different artistic styles work together seamlessly to tell your story. We will quietly capture the organic moments of you and your wedding day as they unfold naturally.

We approach every wedding we photograph as storytellers. We know your wedding photos will be cherished forever and will be valued more than what you pay for them… Because of this we only offer one package with full day coverage so that we can tell your story from start to finish.

Our style isn’t for everyone, so if it is for you then we can’t wait to hear from you!

Don’t be discouraged if your wedding isn’t in the Charlotte area, because we LOVE to travel.. so take us with you!

Things that we LOVE:
natural lighting, Canon gear, traveling, going to the movies for the popcorn, our cat Bella, acting, all things Apple, bible study, wedding cake (hint hint), playing tennis, cooking..sometimes, Zaxby’s, Pinterest, reading, guitar, the beach in the summer, the beach in the winter, snow days, macaroni nights, Mad Men, playing putt putt, cardigan sweaters, sleeping late, thunderstorms, Starbucks, and the first dance between a husband and wife


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