Becky | BRIDAL PORTRAITS | Harrisburg, NC

rustic_bridals001 rustic_bridals002 rustic_bridals003 rustic_bridals004 rustic_bridals005 rustic_bridals006 rustic_bridals007 rustic_bridals008 rustic_bridals009 rustic_bridals010 rustic_bridals011 rustic_bridals012 rustic_bridals013 rustic_bridals014 rustic_bridals015 rustic_bridals016 rustic_bridals017 rustic_bridals018 rustic_bridals019 rustic_bridals020 rustic_bridals021 rustic_bridals022 rustic_bridals023

We had a lovely afternoon shooting Becky’s bridal portraits.  We chose these huge open fields to be the backdrop for her bridals to match her rustic wedding theme.  Becky and her fiance, Nathan, said their wedding vows at a beautiful barn venue yesterday.  We can’t wait to share the rest of their love story with you.. stay tuned!  Also, if you missed their adorable pumpkin patch engagement session, you can view it here!


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