Tony & Anna | Valentine’s Date

charlotte_couple001 charlotte_couple002 charlotte_couple003 charlotte_couple004 charlotte_couple005 charlotte_couple006 charlotte_couple007 charlotte_couple008 charlotte_couple009 charlotte_couple010 charlotte_couple011 charlotte_couple012 charlotte_couple013 charlotte_couple014 charlotte_couple015 charlotte_couple016 charlotte_couple017 charlotte_couple018 charlotte_couple019 charlotte_couple020 charlotte_couple021 charlotte_couple022 charlotte_couple023 charlotte_couple024 charlotte_couple025 charlotte_couple026 charlotte_couple027 charlotte_couple028 charlotte_couple029 charlotte_couple030 charlotte_couple031 charlotte_couple032 charlotte_couple033

Meet my gorgeous cousin Anna, and her handsome boyfriend, Tony.  With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, Tony & Anna met up for a little date night in the city of Charlotte!  These two were naturals in front of our cameras and we instantly became smitten with these photos from their date!  They spent the late afternoon walking around the city, drinking wine, enjoying chocolates, and ended things with a “dance-off.”

Needless to say, combining an adorable couple with Charlotte’s urban landscape equaled a fun shoot for team Cupid.. I mean, Stewart 🙂


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