Biltmore Estate | Weekend Getaway

biltmore_estate001 biltmore_estate003 biltmore_estate004 biltmore_estate005 biltmore_estate006 biltmore_estate007 biltmore_estate008 biltmore_estate009 biltmore_estate010 biltmore_estate011 biltmore_estate012 biltmore_estate013 biltmore_estate014

We wanted to getaway for the weekend, so on Saturday we traveled down to Asheville, NC to visit The Biltmore Estate.  It was fun taking a tour of this huge mansion.. because it was a “slower” day than usual, there were even times where we were alone wandering the corridors and passageways!  As you can see in the photos there were heavy rains in the distance but we were lucky not to feel a drop.  After Biltmore, we freshened up for dinner and each had our own desserts.  Our hotel room got even cozier when the night ended with snow flurries.  All in all it was a wonderful weekend!!


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